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  ShadowStor ShadowServer Releases 8/25/2004

News Release

ShadowStorTM Releases ShadowServerTM Your Server’s First Line of Defense.   

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - August 25, 2004 – ShadowStor Inc., a provider of innovative and non-intrusive security, data protection, and disaster prevention solutions for PCs and servers, announced the immediate availability of ShadowServer.  ShadowServer provides non-restrictive, easy to use server protection for Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 servers. ShadowServer is the best way to prevent malicious, intrusive or unwanted changes from being made to a server.

ShadowServer is your first line of defense for application servers recovering from website defacing, viruses, worms, or any other malicious or unwanted server changes.  Avoid server downtime that’s required to re-install the operating system, restore from an image or recover from a tape backup. At anytime, authorized users can save changes to the system, save selected files and folders or simply discard all changes and return the server to its original state. Server recovery takes as long as a simple reboot.   

ShadowStor uses a unique method called ShadowMode to ensure servers and PCs are protected. By placing servers in ShadowMode with ShadowServer, IT organizations can feel confident systems are going to be protected no matter what happens. ShadowMode tracks each system change and redirects them to the managed free space on the disk.  These system changes can be permanently saved to disk, or completely discarded.  With ShadowMode, there is no need to specify regions on disk for backup or use BIOS functions to reserve space for OS images. ShadowMode is the most efficient and intelligent way to protect servers and PCs from system downtime.  ShadowServer helps:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership - Reduce the TCO for managing and maintaining your servers by simply rolling the system back to a clean state.
  • Improve System Performance - Configure your servers ONCE and run in that optimal state at all times. No need to spend time troubleshooting system performance issues. 
  • Maximize System Uptime - Maximize server uptime by instantly undoing accidental or malicious changes to your servers. Avoid the costs associated with server downtime. 
  • Improve System Security - Prevent downtime and system damage due to virus and worm outbreaks. Avoid the virus or worm from ever being written to the server. 
  • Increase Stability - Safely test updates, service packs, new applications and patches before permanently saving changes to your server. 
  • Save Time - IT budgets are shrinking and personnel numbers are being reduced, so optimal use of resources is critical. Quickly recover servers when problems occur. Create a scheduled task eliminating the need to touch each server to recover them to a clean state. Reduce the need to reinstall the operating system, recover from an image or tape backup.

If you would like to try ShadowServer, you can download a full-featured 30-day evaluation copy at the ShadowStor website www.shadowstor.com.  To learn more about ShadowStor and ShadowServer visit the ShadowStor website or call 888.209.4488.  Volume pricing and licensing for ShadowServer is available.



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